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PSoC Programmer 10.2

PSoC Programmer is a flexible, integrated programming application
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Cypress MicroSystems

PSoc Programmer as a free application, which allows you to program PSoC embedded system-on-chip devices developed by the Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.
After the device is set up, PSoc Programmer detects it automatically, and allows you to start working. The program has a simple interface with 3 viewing modes: classic, simple and modern. The simple view only allows loading the hex file and program. The classic and modern views allow you to select and configure the port, device, device's family, and show the actions/results. And the modern view allows you to set the programming parameters, characteristics, and view the status. The programming parameters you can set are: the programming mode, turn on/off verification and auto detection. Another important step to consider is loading the hex file into PSoC programmer before programming a device. Once the code is loaded to the device, it can be read. The flash can be erased by selecting a block ID or the entire flash content - to erase a block it must be unprotected.

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  • It automatically detects the device that is connected. The program automatically installs “Bridge control panel” and “Clock programmer”


  • If a new version of PSoC programmer is launched and you have turned off the auto updater, it will show a warning message saying "it is expired"
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